Biggest Blackjack Mistakes

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Let's talk a little bit about the biggest Blackjack mistakes. Very few players can make almost no mistakes when playing Blackjack. Even experienced players can sometimes act very strange. For example:

Do not take a card if you have 12 points and the dealer has a two or three.

"Every time I take a card when I already have 12 points, I always get a 10 and lose" – this is a typical reason why players have an extremely unpleasant feeling of taking 12 against 2 or 3 because they are afraid to take a ten and lose. However, 12 points are somewhat different from most other "hard" hands, since the player has a 9 out of 13 chance that there will be no bust. Also, the dealer is not as vulnerable at 2 or 3 as at 4, 5, or 6. But even if you take a card, 12 against 2 or 3 dealers is a losing hand. But it's still better than not taking the card. So, taking on 12 vs 2 or 3 is the right decision, not because it's more likely to win, but because it's less likely to lose.

Do not split on eights when the dealer has 9.

Yes, 16 vs 9 is a bad hand. This is one of the worst Blackjack hands you can imagine. But by making a split, you can convert this bad hand into two better hands, where the chance of winning is much better. Even in this case, both eights eventually lose, but less than at 16 by 5-12%. Therefore, making a split on the eights against the dealer's 9 is the best way in such a bad situation.

Do not take a card with an ace and a 7 (soft hand 18), when the dealer has a 9, 10, or ace.

Usually, Blackjack players believe that 18 is a good hand that should never be changed. However, if the 18 consists of an ace and a 7, and the dealer has a 9, 10, or ace, the player has a negative mathematical expectation (meaning, that he will lose more money than he can win). The reason is that the dealer will usually score more than 18 points. For example, when the dealer has 10, the chance that he will end up with 19 or 20 is 52%. Taking a card is the right decision because there is a good chance to improve the combination. By taking a card on a soft hand 18, the player improves the situation by about 8% when the dealer has 9 and by about 4% when 10. Against the ace, the dealer's chances of "taking" or "not taking" are about the same, but still in favor of "taking".

Make a split on two tens against 6.

Even though the dealer has a high probability of busting with a six, a pair of tens (20 points in total), is one of the strongest combinations for the player - it is not advisable to break them. The advantage of the player when he does not split against the six is 0.7040%, and if he does-0.4517%

Never use the Surrender.

Most players won't give up because they don't understand what it means or because they don't want to "be beaten without a fight". But there are situations when doing Surrender is necessary, because it will save you some money. When the player gives up, he loses 50% of his bet. Therefore, Surrender should always be done when the chance to lose is more than 50%. And this is when the player has 16 against 9, 10, or ace at the dealer (but not 8 and 8) and when 15 against 10 at the dealer.

Do not split on two nines against the dealer's 9.

A split of nines against a dealers 9 may sound like a strange decision, but it will ultimately save your money. If the player stays on 18, then he is in a bad situation, because the dealer will often end up with the standard 19. However, if you make a split, then the player already has a lot of chances to make 19 points, and sometimes even better. Even though sometimes a player loses, in the end, this is a justified risk, because the savings are approximately 8% of all the money involved in such hands.

Do not take a card with 16 points vs 7 dealer’s points.

Yes, a player often loses when he takes on 16, but this is compensated by the fact that when there is no bust, the chance of winning is very high. If you do not take the card, your chance to win is 40%, if you still take it – chances are 48%. The player still loses, but he will lose 8 % less.

Do not take a card on the ace and 6 (soft hand 17) against dealer’s 7.

Again, this is a big mistake. This hand represents one of those rare opportunities in Blackjack when a player can turn a losing hand into a winning one. This is one of those cases when it is necessary to take a card.

Make a double for less money than the initial bet.

That is always surprising if a player does not realize all the advantages of a strong combination. When a player makes a double, they are less likely to win, but they increase the net benefits due to the extra money. When he does a double for less money, he doesn't get the full advantage. You can't do that.

Don’t do those mistakes – play online Blackjack and have fun!

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