How to Win a Progressive Slot Game

The strategy of winning on slot machines appeared on the Internet not so long time ago, but almost immediately acquired a large number of fans. We cannot ignore it and will tell you about this strategy in this post. Let's try to figure out what is its uniqueness and exclusivity
The strategy of winning on slot machines appeared on the Internet not so long time ago, but almost immediately acquired a large number of fans. We cannot ignore it and will tell you about this strategy in this post. Let's try to figure out what is its uniqueness and exclusivity.

First and foremost – you need a slot machine that has a progressive Jackpot (Jackpot that dynamically increases as you play). Be careful – this is an extremely important point of our strategy. As the authors of the strategy admit, when they created it, they based it on a positive expectation strategy. As we remember, the slot machine should be with a Progressive jackpot - the constantly increasing cash prize, which sooner or later reaches the moment when the advantage of the gambling establishment is nullified and the player gets a chance to win an impressive amount of money. This is a positive expectation. Note that it is not possible to get such information from a practical point of view as that is not possible to predict at what point the winning stage will come, but it is still possible to try to predict it in theory.

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Cumulative or Progressive Jackpot

This Jackpot is formed from a percentage of the bets made by real players. The more the players have placed a bet, the larger the final amount will be. The cash prize increases until someone has the right combination of symbols or numbers. When a player hits the Major Jackpot, the Jackpot size is reset to zero, reducing to the minimum amount (it can be different in each slot).

Most popular Jackpot Slots:

• Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

• Wolf Gold (Pragmatic Play)

• 88 Fortunes (WMS)

• Second Strike! (Quickspin)

• 40 Super Hot (EGT)

• Mega Fortune (NetEnt)

• The Wild Chase (Quickspin)

• Sakura Fortune (Quickspin)

• Divine Fortune (NetEnt)

• Holmes and the Stolen Stones (Yggdrasil Gaming)

• Gold Lab (Quickspin)

• Mustang Gold (Pragmatic Play)

• Sticky Bandits (Quickspin).

Cumulative Jackpots vary in different sizes and are often referred to as Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini. They also differ in the type of formation of the main prize pool.

• Online progressive Jackpot consists of bets made by players in all establishments where this slot is available. For example, this option is offered in the Hall of Gods from the NetEnt. Such combined Jackpots are the largest of all possible Jackpots.

• Local Jackpot consists of bets made by players in one particular casino. As a result, these Jackpots will be much smaller than the network ones. Simply because a limited number of people take part in their formation. Besides the progressive Jackpot also can be a secret one. Its exact amount is not disclosed to anyone, the casino only sets the limits beyond which the size of the winnings cannot go. When the accumulated amount of money reaches this value, the winner is chosen randomly. To do this, you do not need to meet certain conditions (matching characters, combinations).

Advantages: attractive amounts, the upper limit of which can be unlimited. The final check does not depend on the size of the current bet, and the gameplay brings the maximum sense of excitement. Disadvantages: there is less chance of winning in the main mode than in fixed jackpot slots. This is since the total winning amount is formed by reducing the RTP. For example, the share of the return in the slot machine is stated as 97%, but due to the formation of the prize pool, the RTP of each bet is reduced by 3%. This means that the actual payout percentage in the main game will be 94%.

Examples: Mega Money slot machines from Microgaming, Arabian Nights and Divine Fortune from NetEnt, Age of the Gods from Playtech, Cleopatra Mega Jack from IGT, and so on. The progressive Jackpot is especially popular in poker and blackjack: for example, in SupaJax or Triple Sevens Blackjack from Microgaming.

How to win the Jackpot in a slot machine

To answer this question, you need to choose the right application for the game. The amount of the main prize can be very different and depends on several factors:

• the type of the Jackpot;

• from the rules of the selected slot machine;

• the type of application, etc.

Find out how to win the Jackpot in slot machines can be difficult if you have not decided on the type of slot machine. For example, the main prize in roulette can be easily predicted – this is your bet multiplied by 35. When playing standard video poker, you can also understand the size of the Jackpot. If you have a Royal Flush, you will receive a payout following the coefficient and the number of funds placed.

You can win the Jackpot in slot machines with a fixed Jackpot completely by chance by collecting the appropriate combination. Usually, this is possible after finding five Wilds on the same line or when the same symbol appears on all the reels. At the same time, the number of winnings can be significant. It's a completely different situation with getting a Progressive Jackpot. Online slots with such incredible prizes can bring a lucky person a lot of money (several million dollars). For example, the largest Progressive Jackpot, received by some successful gamer in Europe, was an impressive amount of 17.88 million euros! Below you will find several useful strategies that promise you to get the main prize and dream of all players. This information is provided only for informational purposes and should not act as a guide to action. According to our experts and experienced players, there are no ways or systems in the world that will help you play this or that slot machine and take a large main prize with their help.

If you win, run! This strategy was developed for drum-type machines. Its meaning is that you need to choose a certain amount of money that you are ready to lose on a particular slot machine. There should be at least five such simulators. In addition to the stop-loss limit, you should set for yourself the number of empty (losing) spins. For example, 20 spins. Let us see a very simple example - let's say you have allocated 10 EUR with a bet of 0,50 cents for each spin. Thus, after playing 20 times and not getting a win, you move on to the next slot machine.

If you are lucky and you manage to get some decent Jackpot, you need to break it into equal parts and continue to run the same game for small bets. As a result, some players state, by playing that way it is possible to hit the real Jackpot.

Umbrella That is up to you to believe this strategy or no - the principle of it is very simple. You set a certain series of bets (first there is an increase, and then a decrease) and strictly adhere to it. At the same time, you need to play on one slot machine. To make it clear, here are a couple of examples of such series:

• 11223344332211;

• 123454321;

• 1223445443221.

For some reason, some gamers are sure that such monotonous game modes affect the return of the slot machine, which gives out the Jackpot almost instantly.

Progressive Jackpot Winning Strategy

The essence of the strategy comes down to one thing – the number of bets that the player must perform. Your bankroll must allow you to make the maximum bets. Our advice here is to read the rules of this particular slot machine in advance and try to deposit investing money, play in demo mode (this option is available in every online casino to attract players). Do not forget to look at the paytable and find the price of each of the symbols that are included in the prize combination.

What are the chances of hitting the Jackpot?

Although the probability of winning a really large amount from an online casino is not too high, still it is always possible. The chances of winning a particular slot depend on several factors.

• RTP indicator —the optimal RTP is from 95-96%. The size of it is set by the provider of the licensed software, the online casino itself cannot change it in any way. Of course, if the supplier is official and licensed. This rule does not work in slots of dubious origin.

• Your odds are also affected by slot variance. This is one of the key properties of a random number generator. The RTP indicator takes it into account. The variance can be low (in which small wins are given in almost every spin) and high (rare wins with large coefficients).

Depending on the selected slot, the main cash prize can be obtained under different conditions. For example, in slot machines, you need to collect a sequence of symbols, whereas in poker it is important to form a certain combination of cards. To protect yourself from losing, you can choose slots with an RTP of 95%-97% and taking into account the slot variance. It is also important not to explore the reliability of game systems because none of them will change the operation of the random number generator and the RTP percentage. It is also very important to learn the rules for getting Jackpots before the game, not in the process. Most slot machines require the player to make the maximum bet — only then will they get a chance to win the main cash prize.

At OG Casino we want you to get pleasure from gambling and play your favorite games. Have fun and play wisely, do not spend the last money and enjoy gambling. If you are the lucky one and hit the Jackpot one day, consider it a kiss of fate. Good luck! Explore the gambling opportunities right here.
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